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Order payment

Upon receipt (cash on delivery)
This method provides an opportunity to pay for the order directly upon receipt of the goods in the shopping Mall.
Choosing this method of payment, you will need to make an advance payment for the order 10%. The remaining 90% is paid upon receipt of the goods in the shopping Mall.
Payment is possible in cash or by Bank card.
Credit card payment
You can pay for the order by any credit card Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, the World immediately after placing the order, without leaving home, through the payment system Yandex-cash.
Payment on receipt
For payment you need to print out and pay the receipt in any Bank In your city, and then send us an email zakaz@gesso-parete.ru scanned copy of the received document.
Non-cash payment (by account)
This calculation is most suitable for organizations and individual entrepreneurs. You place an order, print an invoice, pay it and notify us.
To discuss with the Manager
If you want to offer other options for calculation, you can choose when ordering this method and our Manager will contact you for further details.
Оплата при полученииRemote sales are caused by a certain stereotype of deception. Can't argue with that, the Internet is very much a Scam.

We simplify purchases on the Internet and make them as transparent as possible".

Making orders in our store, you can choose the method of payment "upon receipt" and pay for the order directly upon receipt in the transport company or courier " hand in hand".

Before payment you Will have the opportunity to inspect the goods!

We also accept payment by the most popular types of online payments in Russia


What if you want to buy a 3D panel, and the money is not enough?


Use the system of online lending "Kupivkredit". Using it to buy convenient and easy!

Buy now, and pay later!
It is very convenient and easy!

What do you need?
Add an item to cart;
When ordering, select the payment method " Buy on credit";
Check the details of your order and if everything is correct, click "Place order".
Next, choose a convenient loan term and the amount of the down payment (in percentage or rubles), just moving the slider.
Fill out the form in full accordance with the passport data and get a solution in 2 minutes!
It's simple!

The system of online lending "Kupivkredit" belongs to JSC "Tinkoff Bank", license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation № 2673, 2013

Goods delivery

Calculation of the cost and delivery time of Your order is made in real time on the checkout page, as well as in the form of TC.
The calculation is based on the weight of the goods and the destination.
We deliver orders to any settlement of Russia and 230 countries of the world.

If you order in our store goods

during the Promotion period,

we will deliver Your order to any city of Russia

absolutely free

Read more here

Delivery method

We cooperate with the most reliable transport companies of Russia, such as: PEC, Business Lines, SDEK, KSE, DPD. If you are interested in other ways of delivery, please check with our managers.
Delivery to the terminal of the transport company free of CHARGE!
You can also pick up your order at one of the pickup points

Issue of the order is carried out in branches of transport companies of your city. After sending the goods to your phone number will receive an SMS with the tracking number of the goods, with which you will be able to track your order on the website of the transport company. You will also be able to order (if necessary) delivery "to the door" by sending a reply SMS to the TC (the necessary information will be provided to you after sending the goods in SMS).

Important reminder to the buyer
Necessarily! when receiving an order from a shipping company, check the appearance of the cargo and open each box. Packaging must be intact, not crushed or torn. It is also recommended to check the appearance of the product.

Pay attention:

In case of detection of any shortcomings it is necessary to make at once the statement (claim) in office of shopping Mall. If possible, it is necessary to photograph all the shortcomings. If you took the parcel from the TC office and found flaws outside the office, claims in the TC will not be accepted!


3D panel Parete Gesso withstand a point load until the destruction of 133 kg pallet Quality packaging ensures 100% safety of the cargo during transport! Over the course of our work, not crashed, none of the panel during shipping. But if this happens, we will immediately send you a replacement at our expense!

ВидеоVideo review strength 3D panels Parete Gesso

Pay attention! There are new rules of registration of documents for the dispatch of goods. To deliver the goods to an individual, you must provide a series and passport number of the recipient!

The amendments are in force in connection with the entry into force of Federal law No. 374-FZ of 6 July 2016 "on amendments to the Federal law' on countering terrorism ' and certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation regarding the establishment of additional measures to counter terrorism and ensure public safety».

More detailed

Delivery outside the territory of Russia

Abroad Russia delivery is possible by prior agreement. About the shipping options, contact our specialists.

Cost of delivery

UNIQUE OFFER! Only from our company!

We offer our clients a comprehensive client solution - "cash on Delivery" service - it is fast, convenient, reliable and profitable! Read more in the tab "Payment"....

Delivery in Vologda, as well as Sokol, Gryazovets and Kadnikov is ALWAYS free!

SHIPPING COST IS CALCULATED AUTOMATICALLY AT CHECKOUT ON THE WEBSITE! But if you want to know the cost of delivery now, we have prepared for you a table, which shows the approximate prices for delivery by region, and if Your region is not in the table, then at the bottom of the page there is a form, filling in which the program will calculate the cost of delivery.

The table provides current information on delivery to the most popular regions of Russia:


Shipping cost per package (1м2)

Delivery time

Москва и Московская область

116 руб.

1-3 суток*

Санкт-Петербург и Ленинградская область

150 руб.

3-4 суток*

Нижегородская область (Нижний Новгород)

175 руб.

4-5 суток*

Ростовская область

201 руб.

4-5 суток*

Краснодарский край (Краснодар

201 руб.
230 руб.
201 руб.
199 руб.

4-6 суток*
5-7 суток*
5-7 суток*
6-8 суток*

Пермский край

220 руб.

4-6 суток*

Самарская область (Самара

199 руб.
195 руб.

4-6 суток*
5-7 суток*

Республика Башкортостан (Уфа

214 руб.
214 руб.
214 руб.

4-6 суток*
7-9 суток*
5-7 суток*

Воронежская область

172 руб.

3-4 суток*

Вологодская область (Вологда

0 руб.
140 руб.

4-5 суток*

Республика Татарстан (Казань,
Набережные Челны)

191 руб.
197 руб.

4-6 суток*
4-6 суток*

Волгоградская область (Волгоград,

185 руб.
185 руб.

4-5 суток*
7-9 суток*

Владимирская область (Владимир)

166 руб.

3-4 суток*

Ярославская область (Ярославль,

149 руб.
166 руб.

3-4 суток*
4-5 суток*

Тульская область (Тула)

178 руб.

3-4 суток*

Липецкая область

161 руб.

3-4 суток*

Ивановская область

161 руб.

4-5 суток*

Саратовская область (Саратов)

191 руб.

4-6 суток*

Оренбургская область (Оренбург,

218 руб.
229 руб.

6-8 суток*
5-7 суток*

Пензенская область

174 руб.

4-5 суток*

Удмуртская Республика (Ижевск)

206 руб.

5-7 суток*

Белгородская область (Белгород,
Старый Оскол)

168 руб.
174 руб.

4-5 суток*
4-6 суток*

Калининградская область

189 руб.

7-9 суток*

Калужская область (Калуга)

164 руб.

3-4 суток*

Тверская область

174 руб.

3-4 суток*

Кировская область

189 руб.

4-6 суток*

Брянская область

166 руб.

4-5 суток*

Рязанская область

210 руб.

3-4 суток*

Ульяновская область

191 руб.

4-6 суток*

Мурманская область

235 руб.

4-6 суток*

Архангельская область (Архангельск,

161 руб.
164 руб.

4-6 суток*
5-7 суток*

Курская область

164 руб.

3-4 суток*

Республика Коми (Сыктывкар)

203 руб.

6-8 суток*

Чувашская Республика (Чебоксары)

180 руб.

4-6 суток*

Тамбовская область

164 руб.

4-5 суток*

Смоленская область

157 руб.

3-4 суток *

Костромская область

157 руб.

4-5 суток *

Республика Карелия (Петрозаводск)

180 руб.

4-6 суток *

Свердловская область (Екатеринбург,
Нижний Тагил)

243 руб.
239 руб.

5-7 суток *
6-8 суток *

Астраханская область

201 руб.

4-6 суток *

Орловская область

155 руб.

4-5 суток *

Псковская область

176 руб.

3-4 суток *

Новгородская область (Великий Новгород)

160 руб.

4-5 суток *

Республика Мордовия (Саранск)

195 руб.

4-5 суток *

Республика Марий Эл (Йошкар-Ола)

201 руб.

4-5 суток *

Челябинская область

262 руб.

5-7 суток *

Ставропольский край

218 руб.

4-6 суток *

Кемеровская область

323 руб.

9-12 суток *

Новосибирская область

327 руб.

7-9 суток *

Омская область

283 руб.

6-8 суток *

Алтайский край (Барнаул)

342 руб.

8-10 суток*

Красноярский край

355 руб.

8-11 суток*

Тюменская область

281 руб.

6-8 суток *

* The above terms are indicative, the actual term may differ both in the larger and the smaller side.

You can calculate the shipping cost yourself using the form below.

The source data for the calculation of the delivery of 3D panels: 1 m2 = 15kg = 0.52х0.52х0.11m

* If the form is not displayed, you can make a preliminary independent calculation on the website of the transport company by clicking on the link: http://pecom.ru/services-are/the-calculation-of-the-cost/


Shipped orders

This section is devoted to detailed information about your orders and their shipment. Photo cargo provided by the transport company PEC. Orders sent to another TC are not present in this section due to the lack of images.

Отгрузка партии товараОтгрузка партии товара

Номер заказа Код груза Фото-фиксация
1679 СПВООЗН-13/1108 СПВООЗН-13/1108СПВООЗН-13/1108
1587 ННВОШБВ-4/1108 ННВОШБВ-4/1108
1681 СПВОПЕХ-5/1408
1678 СПВООФХ-10/1108 10/110810/1108
1585 ННВОФПЧ-8/0308 8/03088/0308
1581 ННВОУПХ-10/0108 ННВОУПХ-10/0108
1586 СПВОВЕШ-14/0108 СПВОВЕШ-14/0108СПВОВЕШ-14/0108
1578 РДВОСПЩ-10/3107 РДВОСПЩ-10/3107РДВОСПЩ-10/3107
1579 СДВОНЖЦ-6/2707 СДВОНЖЦ-6/2707СДВОНЖЦ-6/2707
1580 СПВОСЗЧ-9/2607 СПВОСЗЧ-9/2607СПВОСЗЧ-9/2607
1186 КСВОГФШ-2/1007 КСВОГФШ-2/1007КСВОГФШ-2/1007КСВОГФШ-2/1007
1181 БГВОБОР-1/1007 БГВОБОР-1/1007
1180 КБВОАГР-9/1007 КБВОАГР-9/1007КБВОАГР-9/1007
1014 РДВОАКН-4/1007 РДВОАКН-4/1007РДВОАКН-4/1007РДВОАКН-4/1007РДВОАКН-4/1007РДВОАКН-4/1007РДВОАКН-4/1007РДВОАКН-4/1007РДВОАКН-4/1007
1185 ОЛВОГРУ-26/1007 ОЛВОГРУ-26/1007ОЛВОГРУ-26/1007ОЛВОГРУ-26/1007ОЛВОГРУ-26/1007ОЛВОГРУ-26/1007ОЛВОГРУ-26/1007
1184 ЭНВОБУЦ-5/0607 ЭНВОБУЦ-5/0607
1179 КЗВОДНТ-5/0507 КЗВОДНТ-5/0507КЗВОДНТ-5/0507
1178 РЯВОББГ-5/0507 РЯВОББГ-5/0507РЯВОББГ-5/0507
1182 СПВОВДР-14/0307 СПВОВДР-14/0307СПВОВДР-14/0307
1134 СПВОВДП-8/2906 СПВОВДП-8/2906
1105 АЛВОАНС-12/2606 АЛВОАНС-12/2606
1101 КСВОГОТ-8/1906 КСВОГОТ-8/1906КСВОГОТ-8/1906
1104 СГВОДМХ-5/1906 СГВОДМХ-5/1906
1103 СДВОНЖФ-4/1906 СДВОНЖФ-4/1906СДВОНЖФ-4/1906
1055 РЯВОБФХ-6/1906 РЯВОБФХ-6/1906
1089 ПНВОАФЦ-14/1706 ПНВОАФЦ-14/1706ПНВОАФЦ-14/1706
923 МВВОННТ-13/1406 МВВОННТ-13/1406МВВОННТ-13/1406
922 КСВОГМР-37/1306 КСВОГМР-37/1306КСВОГМР-37/1306КСВОГМР-37/1306КСВОГМР-37/1306КСВОГМР-37/1306КСВОГМР-37/1306КСВОГМР-37/1306КСВОГМР-37/1306
915 СПВОВУЦ-9/0906 СПВОВУЦ-9/0906
909 ВРВОККН-18/0706 ВРВОККН-18/0706ВРВОККН-18/0706ВРВОККН-18/0706ВРВОККН-18/0706
908 СПВОВТФ-6/0706 СПВОВТФ-6/0706СПВОВТФ-6/0706
907 ИВВОБЗФ-9/0706 ИВВОБЗФ-9/0706ИВВОБЗФ-9/0706
870 СМВОТДЦ-4/2405 СМВОТДЦ-4/2405СМВОТДЦ-4/2405
857 МВВОМЕИ-14/2205 МВВОМЕИ-14/2205МВВОМЕИ-14/2205МВВОМЕИ-14/2205МВВОМЕИ-14/2205
838 СПВОБИЧ-25/1705 СПВОБИЧ-25/1705СПВОБИЧ-25/1705СПВОБИЧ-25/1705СПВОБИЧ-25/1705
821 ВЖВОГНХ-6/1605 ВЖВОГНХ-6/1605ВЖВОГНХ-6/1605
820 МВВОКБФ-4/1605 МВВОКБФ-4/1605
816 ПНВОАЗН-5/1505 ПНВОАЗН-5/1505ПНВОАЗН-5/1505
815 СДВОНМФ-5/1505 СДВОНМФ-5/1505
803 КСВОГБЕ-5/1005 КСВОГБЕ-5/1005КСВОГБЕ-5/1005
802 МРВОНЖО-8/1005 МРВОНЖО-8/1005МРВОНЖО-8/1005
737 МВВОКОУ-8/0305 МВВОКОУ-8/0305МВВОКОУ-8/0305
735 СЧВОИБИ-7/0205 СЧВОИБИ-7/0205
717 ТЛВОБТФ-4/2204 ТЛВОБТФ-4/2204ТЛВОБТФ-4/2204
688 ККВОЖТФ-3/1404 ККВОЖТФ-3/1404ККВОЖТФ-3/1404
679 СЧВОИОФ-14/1204 СЧВОИОФ-14/1204СЧВОИОФ-14/1204
678 ЕКВОНДЧ-10/1204 ЕКВОНДЧ-10/1204ЕКВОНДЧ-10/1204
677 МРВОНГЖ-6/1104 МРВОНГЖ-6/1104
655 ПТВОБАЖ-6/2903 ПТВОБАЖ-6/2903ПТВОБАЖ-6/2903
637 МВВОЖКЧ-14/1503 МВВОЖКЧ-14/1503МВВОЖКЧ-14/1503
633 БГВОААФ-3/1103 БГВОААФ-3/1103
621 ЕКВОНГР-11/0203 ЕКВОНГР-11/0203
605 ОЛВОГКО-4/2002 ОЛВОГКО-4/2002
586 СПВОАЕЗ-3/1302 СПВОАЕЗ-3/1302
570 ЕКВОНОУ-7/2501 ЕКВОНОУ-7/2501
494 СПВОНДС-1/1601 СПВОНДС-1/1601
493 НТВОМНУ-1/1601 НТВОМНУ-1/1601
489 СЛВОНЗХ-1/1601 СЛВОНЗХ-1/1601
418 БГВОАНШ-8/2212 БГВОАНШ-8/2212
416 СТВОЕОФ-5/2212 СТВОЕОФ-5/2212
415 СДВОНИО-4/2212 СДВОНИО-4/2212
334 НБВОВМЧ-6/1710 НБВОВМЧ-6/1710
328 БГВОАНХ-4/1210 БГВОАНХ-4/1210
314 ВД(АВ)ВОБАР-9/0610 ВДАВВОБАР-90610


Warranty obligation

Service life of 3D panels more than 50 years!

We are 100% confident in the quality of our products and therefore we are the ONLY COMPANY that guarantees that within 50 years with 3D panels Gesso Parete nothing will happen! And this is documented!

The service life is specified in the delivery contract, which is attached to each order issued in our store.

If in the warranty period on our product there is a defect that is not caused by mechanical action, we will make a replacement for a new one within 3 days.

The warranty is void if::

  • the product was used for purposes that do not correspond to its intended purpose;
  • the defect (including damage to the surfaces of the product) arose after the transfer of the product to the consumer and is caused by improper or negligent handling, improper transportation, maintenance, use or storage of the product by the buyer;
  • the product has defects which have arisen as a result of improper operating conditions;
    the defect was caused by improper installation or other similar external factors;the product was repaired by third-party specialists;
  • the damage is caused by the ingress of foreign objects, substances, liquids, insects, etc.;
  • The cause of the defects is determined by our experts on departure to the object. If the buyer disagrees with their conclusion, an independent examination by the buyer in accordance with the law on protection of consumer rights may be made.

Exchange and refund

1Gently pack the item in original package fully loaded (goods supplied, must be returned also included).
2Fill in the return form attached to the order.
3Attach a copy of the cash receipt, specify the method of refund (postal transfer or transfer to a Bank account, indicating.
4Вsend the parcel by mail to the address:
162130, Vologda region, Sokol, street Transport 22 for LLC " Beautiful Life".
5After sending a parcel, please inform us about it by writing an e-mail: zakaz@gesso-parete.ru

Grounds for return and exchange of goods

The buyer has the right to return the Goods (Return of the Goods is made if the specified Goods were not in use, its consumer properties, factory labels, presentation, etc.), without specifying the reasons within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of actual receipt of the Goods directly from the seller or persons representing the Seller.

The Russian Federation Government resolution No. 55 of 19.01.1998 approved "the List of non-food products of good quality that are not subject to return or exchange for similar Goods of other size, shape and style".

This list indicates the impossibility of return of goods of proper quality, having individually-conditioned properties, if such Goods can be used only by the consumer purchasing it.

To return the goods, You must submit a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase, as well as fill in an application for a return of the goods.


Return of the Goods, in case of detection of defects related to non-compliance with the terms of the Order, caused by the fault of the Seller:

If the Goods are transferred to you with partial non-compliance or violation of the terms of The order due to the fault of the Seller relating to the range, completeness, quantity of Goods, You have the right to notify the Seller (not later than seven calendar days after receipt) of these violations and demand their elimination.

You also have the right to refuse the goods and return the money paid. In this case, the Goods must be returned to the Seller with the preservation of the original appearance of the commodity, its consumer properties, seals, factory labels.

To return the goods You must submit a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase.

To make a return, you must fill out an application for a return of the goods


To get acquainted with the full version of the law on consumer rights and get expert advice you can follow the link: