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Образцы 3D панелей Samples of 3D panels Degesso Parete

The quality of 3D panels, based on the ideal relief pattern, strength and weight - these are the main criteria by which to choose a 3D panel.

But at remote sales, when the client is in another city, it is extremely difficult to evaluate these important characteristics. We found a way out of this situation! None of our competitors can offer such services for obvious reasons! But we are confident in the quality of our product and therefore want our buyer to know what gives their money before it does.

Тnow, having made the choice in favor of our product, You will have a unique opportunity to order any sample you like 3D panel, completely free!

Delivery of samples

We will send you 2 panels of your favorite model, which will allow you to evaluate our product by all the main criteria.

2 panels are provided for free! You pay only for shipping, upon receipt!

Samples of gypsum 3D panels in the amount of 2 pieces of the same model are delivered by SDEK delivery service.

The estimated delivery cost is 550 rubles.

How to order free samples of 3D panels?!

After selecting the 3D panel in our catalog, fill out the application for sending free samples below:

Данные для доставки