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Производство отделочных материалов PREMIUM-класса

Deliver in any city of Russia ABSOLUTELY FREE!

One of the main goals of our company is to make our products available to the public. As for the price, we have already done it - our prices are the most favorable in Russia! Now decorative plaster panels Parete Gesso. They can afford not only the premium segment of the market, and the economy class. At the same time, the quality of our products is not affected, and it is much higher than the competition (according to our customers).

To make our product even more accessible, we decided to compensate the cost of delivery to the regions of Russia, by distributing the income from the sale of more goods.

At the moment, this Action will operate in a test mode, with the help of which we will analyze all the pros and cons of this proposal and possibly implement this experience on a regular basis.

Our company offers its customers FREE SHIPPING to Russia!
The promotion is valid for all orders if any of these conditions are met:

1. The order must be made on the website 100% in advance;

2. The total amount of all goods in the basket should not be less than the minimum order-5000 rubles.;

3. Delivery method chosen - "transport company PEC".

The end of the Campaign is not limited to a temporary period and can occur on any day.

Free delivery is provided through TC peck to the nearest terminal in your city or region. Delivery "door to door" is paid by the buyer. Discount is provided automatically when ordering.


If you order in our store goods

During the PROMOTION period,

we will deliver Your order to any city of Russia

absolutely free!

Conditions Of The Promotion:

  • The duration of the Promotion: from January 15, 2018.;
  • Minimum order: 5000 RUB.;
  • 3D panels from the section "inventory balances" do not participate in the Promotion";
  • Other promotions and special offers, coupons, certificates are summed up with this " Promotion";
  • Delivery is carried out with involvement of services of the third party: transport forwarding company PEK.