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The cost of installation of gypsum 3D panels Gesso Parete

Installation of 3D panels Gesso Parete every buyer who has experience in laying tiles, you can carry out yourself. To help you, we will provide detailed installation instructions.

Our company also offers the services in installation of decorative 3D panels from plaster.

In our staff there are several teams of professionals with experience of more than 10 years who are ready to leave to any city of Russia.

We offer the most favorable prices for installation of plaster 3D Panels in Russia:

Main types of works:

1. Direct installation of gypsum panels on the wall. This process differs little from a laying of a tile tile, it is possible only an glutinous solution which surely has to be on a plaster basis. In this regard, our prices for installation of 3D panels are commensurate with the price of laying tile:

The cost of installation of 3D panels-1200 rubles per m2;

2. Grout and sanding of the seams is the most difficult and time-consuming process when installing 3D panels because the joints are brought to a perfectly smooth, monolithic state.

Grouting, sanding - 350 roubles for M. p. (the meter);

Additional work:

  1. Corner trim panels - 500 rubles. for M. p. (the meter);
  2. External trim panels - 250 rubles for the M. p. (the meter);
  3. Openings for sockets, switches, lamps , etc. - 300 rubles apiece;
  4. Priming the surface of the wall - 25 USD per m2.;
  5. Protection of the surface covering material 20.per m2.;
  6. The color of the panels with spray gun - 250 RUB per m2;

At departure out of the settlement of the Contractor for distance more than 50 km, in addition are paid by the Customer:

  1. Daily subsistence allowance-1200 rubles. / person . ;
  2. Transport costs by checks and voucher;
  3. Hiring of premises - hotel booking, room or apartment for rent;

Extra charge for complexity of installation:

  1. When mounting on uneven surfaces, with the use of clamps-50%;
  2. At installation on brick, concrete surfaces, with use of latches-30%;
  3. When mounted on the walls of gas silicate, foam concrete, with the use of clamps - 20%;
  4. When installing on the ceiling, with the use of clamps-70%.

Additional works not included in the price list are to be paid by agreement of the parties.

Why it is more profitable for you to order installation of 3D panels from us:

  • Our prices are the lowest in Russia;
  • Only we offer services in installation of 3D panels with departure to any city of Russia (read more below);
  • Our experts have experience of more than 10 years;
  • Warranty on the work done!
  • When ordering installation, an additional 5% discount on the 3D panel!
  • Departure of the expert for measurement FOR free! (*within 50 km).