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Производство отделочных материалов PREMIUM-класса

You can read the Agreement here:

Sections of the Agreement that are worth paying special attention to:

3.1. The company undertakes not to appoint another Dealer in the Territory (except for see item 3.2 Contracts) for the sale of Goods sold under this Contract. However, the Company cannot guarantee that goods similar to those sold under this Agreement will not be imported or otherwise brought into the Territory by third parties.

3.2. The company reserves the right to appoint additional Dealers in the Territory, the population of which does not allow the Dealer to cover the entire sales market of the Territory. And also, in cases of absence of activity or the termination of activity of the Dealer.

5.1.10. The company provides to the Dealer, for the purposes of demonstration, on one sample of a Product, at retail prices with providing the Dealer discount stipulated in item 7.5 of this Agreement. The cost of delivery of samples is paid by the Dealer. Delivery is carried out after the conclusion of the Contract. Samples are the property of the Dealer and are not refundable in case of termination of the contract.

5.2.9. Sell Goods to buyers at the recommended prices set by the Company, except as specified in clause 5.4.4.

5.4.4. Set prices for Goods other than those recommended by the Company, based on the analysis of supply and demand of the region, informing the company in advance.

7.5. The dealer buys products from the company at retail prices with a Dealer discount of 30%.

8.4. Delivery of Goods is carried out at the expense of The company, with the involvement of a third party (transport company) in the event that the volume of the ordered Goods exceeds 25m2. At smaller volumes of one-time orders, delivery of Goods is carried out at the expense of means of the Dealer.