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Производство отделочных материалов PREMIUM-класса


"If you don't believe in cooperation, see what happens to a wagon that loses one wheel."
- Napoleon Hill -

Company Beautiful Life Co.LTD. (LLC Krasivaya Zhizn) expands a dealer network in the territory of Russia and invites to cooperation of the organization, SP and simply the individuals interested in creation of new business with high level of profitability.

We offer to become our Exclusive Dealer in Your region of Russia!

Our company has its own production, providing party of any amount without violating the terms of delivery.

You get a fixed dealer fee and compensation for logistics costs up to 100%.

You get regular orders and customers from your region. As well as customers who will buy From you and additional services such as INSTALLATION. And this is a plus 100% of the profits!

The basic principle of the dealer policy pursued by the Manufacturer is the principle of honest and transparent partnership. The Dealer's activity is carried out on the basis of the dealer's agreement concluded between the Dealer and The manufacturer, which specifies the mutual obligations of the parties, the amount of price discounts provided to the Dealer and other conditions of commercial relations.

We are convinced that our cooperation will be long-term and mutually beneficial. Take the first step to the fruitful and successful development of Your Company right now!

Cooperation with our company on dealer conditions will give you the following advantages:

Affiliate Commission 30% of the retail value of the goods;



* Delivery of Goods is carried out at the expense of The company, with the involvement of a third party (transport company) in the event that the volume of the ordered Goods exceeds 25m2. At smaller volumes of one-time orders, delivery of Goods is carried out at the expense of means of the Dealer. Exceptions are also possible, under a mutual agreement, to compensate for transportation costs.


* To the checked and proved from the positive party partners, we provide a payment delay for a period of up to 90 days on factoring system.

Products for sale*;

* We conclude the contract of the Commission for the purchase of products for sale with the possibility of returning unrealized products.

The perfect quality of the goods;

The lowest retail prices in the segment premium class that is available to every segment of the market;

The warehouse stock capable to provide large volumes of production in the shortest possible time;

Exclusive Dealer status and assigned to a specific region;

The new, unique product for sale, which is sold easily through any sales channels, has a great marginality and does not require large investments;

The location of the dealers ' information in the contact on our website and in other promotional and informational sites, estimated for the region;

Prompt delivery throughout Russia.


UNIQUE OFFER! Only for our Partners!

dear partner! We offer you a DISCOUNT of up to 100% on freight forwarding services! Offer is valid with a limit on the number! You can take advantage of this offer after the conclusion of the contract. For more information, please contact your Manager.


The company offers special conditions for work with designers, design offices and studios, people responsible to customers for the selection of material and other stakeholders.

You will really like the Conditions of our work, flexibility and maneuverability in the relationship, the quality of services, all this is sure to help in your direct work.

We are able to build partnerships and appreciate every minute of communication With you!

To apply, please complete the form. We will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please reflect them also in the form.

Trading network

Our company produces a completely new product, to a large extent, not yet known to the consumer. The growth of popularity and demand of our 3D panels is increasing every day. By offering cooperation to Large retail Chains, we understand the risks when including a new product in the range, the demand for which and the dynamics of sales are unknown in advance. Therefore, we are ready to minimize your risks by offering a CALCULATION ON the fact of product SALES. The transaction, which aims to sell the goods for sale, is made through the Commission agreement.

Advance payment system is more welcome, and accordingly the amount of remuneration will be much higher.

More detailed information about cooperation with Retail Chains and sales of our products is discussed and agreed individually.

To apply, please complete the form. We will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please reflect them also in the form.

A nice bonus for our partners!


We compensate up to 100% of the shipping cost of your orders.

* * * This offer does not apply to delivery of samples and is not combined with other special offers of the store. For more information, please contact our managers.

What is required of You:

The dealer can be a legal entity of any form of ownership or an entrepreneur, carrying out its activities without the formation of a legal entity that meets the requirements of our Company:

1. We welcome the presence of a shop, office, exhibition hall, commercial space, design Studio, any room where you could carry out its activities;

2. Availability of qualified staff, who will be entrusted with the implementation of the sale of goods;

3. Ability to transfer orders via telephone, e - mail;

4. Readiness to carry out the advertising and marketing policy coordinated with the Company;

5. The presence of any web resource is welcome: online store, business card website, blog, group, community in social networks, etc.;

6. Desirable experience in the field of trade.


What we give to our partners

Unique product

Our products are 3D panel Parete Gesso has won recognition throughout Russia and CIS. Quality and adaptive pricing policy are appreciated by many satisfied customers. And marginality from its implementation will pleasantly surprise You.

100% guarantee of successful cooperation

We guarantee that cooperation with our company will bring you not only positive emotions, but also provide you with a constant growing income.

High profitability up to 50%!

We care about our partners and offer them the most favorable conditions in the market, which can make our cooperation as profitable as possible for both sides.


This is another nice bonus for our partners. We compensate up to 100% of the cost of delivery of Your orders, which is 10-30% of the order value, ie your income is increased by 10-30%!