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3D wall panels (Sand wave)

Gypsum 3D panel Sabbioso Onda

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Купить Gypsum 3D panel Sabbioso Onda от производителя - Gesso Parete.
Gypsum 3D panel Sabbioso Onda: характеристики, отзывы, описание, обзор, фотографии. Широкий выбор 3D панелей в интернет магазине gesso-parete.ru

Wall panel made of gypsum Sabioso Onda by gesso Parete trademark.

Want to give exclusivity and individuality to your home?! Then You're on the right track!

To buy wall panels Parete Gesso would be sufficient for this.

We offer only high-quality and the strongest plaster panels for walls created specially for creation of a cosiness and originality of your interior.

Finishing with decorative panels from plaster is first of all environmentally friendly and safe for all your family.

We care about you!

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  • Гипс Г-22 (ГВВС-22)
  • 50 х 50 см
Основные характеристики:
  • 0.9 - 2.5 см
  • 3 кг
  • 4 шт
3D рисунок:
  • Волны

Технические характеристики

  • Для стен и потолка (возможно использование во влажных помещениях, при выборе соответствующей опции)
  • 133 кг
  • 24 МПа
Точечная нагрузка:
  • 8 МПа
Группа горючести:
  • Особо стойкие
  • А++ (высокая)
Прочность на сжатие:
  • НГ (негорючий)

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ВидеоVideo review strength 3D panels Parete Gesso

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Installation of gypsum 3D panels Gesso Parete

Recommendations for installation of 3D panels:

  • Installation of 3D panels can be carried out on the walls of plasterboard, concrete, brick, aerated concrete. Installation on walls covered with a tree is also practiced.
  • It is recommended to have a smooth and dry surface. Irregularities up to 4mm are permissible, otherwise the wall must be leveled with gypsum putty.After delivery of 3D panels on the object they need to withstand a certain amount of hours before installation. The plaster needs to acclimate.
  • In order to ensure effective bonding with the wall and between the panels, it is recommended to choose plaster glue and putty from trusted manufacturers such as Knauf and Pufas.The walls are preferably primed, in this case, grasp the panel at the wall will happen better.
  • To trim the panels, use a conventional saw with a fine tooth and sandpaper.Pre-layout multiple panels on the floor. This will make it possible to finally present the layout of the figure.
  • If you are planning to have a backlight, it is necessary to think in advance. And remember that illumination will make obvious even the most insignificant flaws allowed at the time of installation of panels.

Surface preparation for installation

Gypsum 3D panels can be mounted on almost any surface that is not subjected to deformation and can withstand the weight of the panels. There should be no shrinkage, significant thermal expansion or vibration.

! The walls, filled with irregularities of more than 4 mm before mounting the 3D panels, must be aligned with plaster.

The surface must be cleaned, degreased, without areas with delaminations. Wallpaper, whitewash, paint removed.

The wall surface is primed, in this case, grasp the panel at the wall will happen better.

Make markings and determine the angle from which the installation will begin. The most notable places of the wall: its top and outer corners. If you trim the panels of the perception of figure, the top and corner panels should be intact. Should given and such nuance, as the availability of floor and ceiling plinths.

! Small cut parts of the panels often become waste, to enter them into the overall picture is likely to fail. However, large parts may well be useful and will save in some cases a few square meters of material.

Original plaster 3D panels will stay only on liquid gypsum adhesive and to prevent their slipping, the profile is used for drywall or flat bar fixed at the bottom of the wall in accordance with layout.

Installation of 3D panels on the wall

! After delivery of 3D panels on the object they need to withstand a certain amount of hours before installation. The plaster needs to acclimate. This will align the indicators of humidity and temperature.

Installation of gypsum 3D panels can be carried out on plaster glue or liquid nails with or without the use of fixing elements.

Apply the solution with a thin layer on the wall and / or on the panel, remove the excess comb, apply the panel on the pre-made markings, sit the panel on the wall by moving up and down, right and left by millimeters, as a result, the panel creates a kind of vacuum with the wall.

Place the panels in horizontal rows from the bottom up. After installation of the first row, wait for the solution to dry, according to the manufacturer's instructions (usually 20-40 minutes).

! If necessary, the panels can be fixed on the edges fasteners.

At installation of 3D panels with application of fasteners, screws, screws with dowels, or so-called Driva (plastic and metal are issued) are used. The choice of fasteners depends on the material from which the wall is made.

Place the panel horizontally on the table and make 4 holes on the edges (keep from the edges of the panel at a distance of at least 5 cm). The head of the fastener is necessary in the future to putty. To do this, the holes in the 3D panels are countersunk. Depth should allow to sink the screws and apply a few millimeters of putty. It is impossible at tightening of screws to make considerable efforts. You can set limits on the screwdriver or do zakrutku manually.

Joint grout

! This stage is the most difficult and responsible for installation of 3D panels.

Gypsum 3D panels can be mounted butt-to-butt with no gap, or leaving gaps 2-3mm for their subsequent putty, or fill the joints with putty directly during installation, putting putty on the ends of the panel. Using the latter option, the putty is squeezed out by the following panel, and the excess putty removed immediately, while it is recommended to properly primed ends, otherwise putty "stand up" in a matter of seconds.

Gypsum putty is used. Suitable rubber spatula, if necessary, perhaps a semicircular shape.

! In most cases, the putty will shrink, the grout will need to be repeated. There may also be cracks in the seams, the grout procedure should also be repeated. In this regard, it is recommended not to hurry with the painting and give a couple of days the wall to stand up.


Hide the seams of the panels only after drying of the putty.

This stage of installation is extremely laborious and requires a lot of patience and attention, and the quality of stitching seams will depend on the appearance of the finished wall.

Lighting on relief surfaces plays an important role. Grout and Vykurovanie better to do when the light is in operation.


Panels can be painted with acrylic, latex, water-emulsion paints, nitro enamels, as well as textured paints in ANY COLOR. Pre-panels can be primed to reduce paint consumption. The painting is done by spray. Roller can paint only laboratornye model. Can be Packed with a sponge.

The result of professional installation of gypsum 3D panels-monolithic embossed surface.

When installing 3D panels, you can follow our recommendations and make the installation yourself, but everyone should do their own thing and we recommend you to trust the professionals.


Гарантия 50 лет на 3D панели

Гарантия - 50 лет!

Мы ЕДИНСТВЕННАЯ КОМПАНИЯ, которая гарантирует, что в течении 50 лет с 3D панелями, блоками и другой нашей продукцией, выпускаемой под брендом Gesso Parete, ничего не случится! И это подтверждено документально!

Если в гарантийный период на нашем изделии появился дефект, не вызванный механическим воздействием, то мы в течение 3 дней произведем замену на новый. 


Молодцы!!! Заказывал Атлантику 40 штук. Оплачивал всю сумму сразу, что бы доставка была бесплатная. Отправили в день получения денежных средств, всё хорошо упакованно, между плиток проложен паралон. Плитки ровные, края все целые, крошек гипса в упаковке нет.Прислали набор для монтажа, спасибо отдельное! Всем советую и буду вас рекомендовать, молодцы.
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В комплекте шла инструкция, которая нам очень помогла, т.к. монтировали панели сами.
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В общем качеством и компанией гесо парети остались довольны.